Strengthen, Stretch and Soothe Your Back, Shoulder & Leg Muscles In As Little As 8 Minutes a Day...

-Dr. Scott Hernandez

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"The Super Stretching Yoga Strap is essential to my stretching routine. This strap makes it easy to stretch my hips and legs. I can also feel the effects in my shoulders and back. I like the resistance provided by the strap. It encourages me to take my stretches just a little bit deeper each time. I recommend the Super Stretching Yoga Strap to anyone looking to improve flexibility."

-Catherine McGillon

"I have been using this yoga strap for stretching after training sessions for several months. I keep one in my tennis bag for stretching before and after matches. I find it to be of good quality. The bonus video included is very helpful."
Patent pending technology unlocks your body with a scientific combination of moves...
Just 8 minutes a day – easy to use – perfect for beginners, advanced, and pro athletes...
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✓ Easy to use – just 8 minutes a day – perfect for beginners, advanced, pro athletes...
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No physical DVDs will be delivered.

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Recommended as part of a healthy daily system of exercise and nutrition.
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