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General Back Pain

“It Feels Like Someone Got In There and Oiled My Joints… I Have Absolutely No Pain Now…”

“It feels like someone got in there and oiled all my joints and they’re moving easily and I have absolutely no pain now. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing!
The doctor reported that the bone density in my spine is thicker – bigger – and I no longer have osteoporosis in my spine, now it’s osteopenia, which is better bone density… You really have to try this program.”

“I was unable to do a lot of things. I couldn’t sit on the floor easily, it hurt my back. I could not kneel at all; just bending down picking something up from the floor. Now I’ve been working for just four weeks with the exercises and I can tell, I’m just more fluid I think. I’m more at ease in doing things and my back doesn’t hurt nearly so much. I’m doing things in just few weeks that I haven’t been able to do for years. I think I’ve been in different exercise programs for many years but this one has seem to work so much better and more quickly. This has just been four weeks and I can tell a tremendous difference. I can bend over and pick things up from the floor which before it was just difficult to do that simple thing. I have five grandchildren and I can actually bend down and pick them up. It’s just such a joy to me.”

Sue A.

“I’m Doing Things In Just Few Weeks That I Haven’t Been Able To Do For Years.”

“…I Am A Lot More Flexible, I Haven’t Lost Any Work Days. It’s Been Great There’s No More Back Pain”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I had back pain off and on for ten years. Sometimes it was so painful I could not get out of bed. It mostly radiated from my lower spine and I thought it was nerve pain. It would be extremely painful moved down my legs.

After Back Pain Relief4Life, I still have back pain from muscle workouts, but there’s no nerve pain, I am a lot more flexible, I haven’t lost any work days. It’s been great there’s no more back pain.”

Doug C.
“I’ve been taking care of my dad who’s bedridden in wheelchair and I was getting constant pain in my back and lower back from having to lift him up and transfer him back and forth between the bed, the wheelchair and his chair and additionally I’ve worked out off and on over the years and I’ve always experience pain in my back and just felt that it was just part of the… part of working out. I am able to transfer my father back and forth without any pain. Before I have no flexibility; I have lots of flexibility. So with Back Pain Relief4Life I gave it a try and after the very first session I started feeling the results. It was amazing.”

Rick O.

“I Gave It A Try And After The Very First Session I Started Feeling The Results. It Was Amazing.”

“Since Doing The Program, My Life Changed Completely. I Have A Real Active Life… I Do Pretty Strenuous Workout, Three Days A Week…”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, my back pain was pretty severe. I couldn’t rest good at night, I couldn’t do no types of heavy lifting or anything… just excruciating. It was amazing, the things that I could do after.

Since doing the program, my life changed completely. I have a real active life and everything and I do pretty strenuous workout, three days a week and I pretty much do what I want to do. It’s amazing, It changes your whole life.”

Dan L.
“I have been to numerous doctors, I have been to massage therapist’s, I have been to orthopedic sugeons, I have been to back specialists and I have had numerous cortisone injections and nothing has helped until I started this program.

Before I started the program Relief 4life, my pain was constant. I had a very sharp pain in my right hip, I had been on pain killers and over the counter medication several times a day.

After I started, even after the first session doing Relief 4life, I got immediate results, my pain is now almost totally gone, its 98 percent better. I have occassional twinges but I can go days and not even think about my hip. I was very skeptical that the Relief 4life program could do anything to help me with the pain because I was in so much pain and I just thought nothing is going to be able to help get rid of this. I would say to anybody thinking about this, just do it and just try it. I was very skeptical at first but the proof is in the doing and I would recommend this program to anyone.

I highly recommend this program to anyone with any kind of back or hip pain that I’ve experienced and I already have recommended it to a lot of people and it has totally changed my pain level.”


“…I Have Had Numerous Cortisone Injections And Nothing Has Helped Until I Started This Program.”

“After The First Two Treatments, I Felt Enormous Relief… It Was Unbelievable!”

“My life before Relief4Life was: shoulder and neck pain every night. I had problems with my SI joint, it would come out of joint periodically, I’d have a lot of pain and made it difficult for me to do my job.

I was skeptical about Relief4Life because it seemed like it wasn’t something that was going to really help. I have tried different exercise before, I had done therapy before, and it just seem like it was not going to help. After few short weeks and actually after the first two treatments, I felt enormous relief in my upper back and in my neck. It was unbelievable! I also, just recently I had to take an airplane trip and normally my SI joint goes out, I have a lot of pain for several days… I had none of that, everything has gone!
I would definitely recommend this program. Ian and the instructors are very knowledgeable, I am a therapist myself, I’ve been impressed by what they know not just about exercise and back pain, but about nutrition and how our minds work, and it’s definitely the program I would recommend to anyone. I would say give it a try. I am sure you have tried other things when you had back pain, but the problem is if you don’t do something about it it’s just going to get worst and it can get crippling. So you need to try this program and see if it works with you.”

Candy the Therapist
“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, Last night I had really bad pain in my lower back. It felt like something is pinching it and even just standing there it was really uncomfortable. I kept feeling like I had to lean and I was having trouble getting up and down from things and towards the end of the night I really did not feel good. I thought that I would not make it to workout in the morning and I would have a horrible sleep and I was planning on icing my back. I was told to do the Back Pain Relief4Life [program], I was frustrated, I didn’t really want to do it was late at night I just wanted to rest and go to sleep. I forced myself to do it. Afterwards, I almost felt relieved in my back… you could feel a little something there but it was very relaxed, it almost relaxed my muscle, and it felt good as I was doing it. The next morning I woke up and I felt a hundred percent better, my pain was completely gone. I couldn’t even tell that my back was killing the night before and the last time that it did happened to my back I was feeling that and it just got worse and worse for almost a week or two.

I was skeptical of Relief4Life that it would hurt as I was doing it, my back would maybe become worse because you always think that doing movement when your back hurts is the worst thing for it; so I was skeptical of that. I was skeptical because it was late at night and would rather have iced my back which is what most people really want to do.

I would definitely recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody that’s suffering from back pain whether or not you are scared or you think that it will hurt you more. If someone was skeptical and scared to try Back Pain Relief4Life and they’ve tried everything for their back, I would definitely recommend that they try Back Pain Relief4Life because it definitely helps, not to be scared of the movement and if they have tried everything, you want to try something that could help you for a long long time if not forever.”


“The Next Morning I Woke Up And I Felt 100% Better, My Pain Was Completely Gone. I Couldn’t Even Tell That My Back Was Killing The Night Before…”

“You’re Nothing If You Don’t Try And I Would Recommend You Try It.”

“Well, when I was 15 years old, I use to raise bulldogs and I’ve had a running female cut my legs out from under me and I fell on my tail and crack the base of my last vertebrae. Um.. went to a chiropractor, got some temporary relief. About a year later, I had a basketball injury – fell on my tailbone again. Since then, my life has been 600IU of Ibuprofen a day and constant chiropractic visits.

When I started Back Pain relief4life just maybe 2 months ago, my back feels better than I’ve ever thought possible and better then since I was 15. Probably 35 years, it hasn’t felt this good or this strong. I can lift my legs up to wash my feet in the shower now, never could use to do that. So I’ve been athletic all my life but I always suffer from lower back pain. This has been the best program I have ever found.

What is skeptical of the program? I would say Um.. I was not and that is probably because of your presentation. When you laid it out to me it make sense. I thought about it and that is kind of what I do. I’m really logical, it made sense to me. I put it in play and I’m getting the results already and um.. it’s twice as good as I’ve ever felt. Much more movement, much more strength, far less pain. At this point I’ve only been in a few months, couple months actually. I probably take about half of the amount of Ibuprofen I used to take..and I’m not taking it everyday now. I take it maybe twice a week now and I’m expecting even that to go away with the progress I’m having, I fully expect to be pain free in my lower back. And that’s gonna be amazing!

When I recommend it? I’d recommend it a thousand percent to anybody. The fact is, I’ve already told some people about it who I can see – I know that lower back pain. When I see a person walking or moving I could tell if they have lower back pain because I’ve had it for so long and I’ve already told a couple of people about the program. You’re nothing if you don’t try and I would recommend you try it.”

Pastor Jason W.
“Say, after the second session in the program, I experienced dramatic results, the pain was almost nonexistent anymore… Given what I was paying on chiropractors, I probably, if I had to put a number, I would probably spend about 500 dollars on it. Even in the time when I was in most pain, I probably would’ve just written a check for what ever I could.

And looking back on all the expenses that I paid out for chiropractors, trips to CVS, getting myself over-the-counter medications, things that I thought would help but didn’t, I would definitely say that this replaced all that and then some.

I would definitely pay, whatever I needed to pay to go through the program and have the experience that I’m having… you’ll see results immediately, I would 100% recommended it to anybody else who is suffering from back pain.”


“I Would 100% Recommend It To Anybody…”


“For A Living, I Do Physical Therapy… Back Pain Relief4Life Is A Program That Restores Your Life And Decreases Your Pain Very Simply.”

“For a living I do physical therapy for the Naval hospital. I see patients every 20 minutes all day long from 7:30[am] to 4:00[pm]. On an average day, I would see 17 patients and picking up patients; lifting; turning; twisting; teaching them exercises; setting up their exercises on weight machines; teaching them how to run… [I’m] just trying to get back to their daily life, which requires me to be very active in my profession.

My life before Back Pain Relief4Life was bad. I wasn’t able to do any of the activities I enjoy such as kayaking, running, biking, swimming… Basically [I was in] extreme pain- unable to get to work on time, unable to get through the day without having to take Advil or Flexeril…

I’ve been doing the program for 3 weeks and I’ve had pain in my back for 10 years, with excruciating pain starting about 4 months ago. My back is a lot better. I rarely have to take any Advil, I haven’t taken any muscle relaxers in weeks. I feel more energy; I feel like I can move and just function in my daily life better. I actually have not been late to work in probably 2 ½ – 3 weeks now. And I feel like I’m wanting to get out and enjoy activities outdoors again, that require more energy and more movements.

I would recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody who has back pain. If you’re hesitant about starting something new or trying something new because you’ve been through everything from physical therapy, to orthopedics, to surgery, or anything in between – chiropractic, it’s worth your time to come out and try this program. It’s very simple moves and [it’s] a program that restores your life and decreases your pain very simply.”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I constantly suffered from back and hip pain. I had that pain probably for about 10 years – the last 10 years that I taught I had it. Before then, I would get it occasionally, but for the last 10 years, it was a constant pain… a pain that would wake me up at night like if I rolled over a certain way, it would actually wake me from a deep sleep. The pain I had in my back was just sharp pain that just didn’t go away. Basically, I would be standing up at the board and at times I would just have to sit down in the middle of class just to try to alleviate some of the pain. So it was just kind of like a constant throbbing pain in the middle of my back.

When I first got into the program, Back Pain Relief4Life, I just laughed because they said that I would not have that pain after a few weeks and I just laughed because it was something I’d had for so long, and I just didn’t think that anything that I could have done would’ve helped it. But within a few weeks, it was gone! I could feel the relief almost immediately and they’re just fun to do. So it’s not like you’re really doing something that’s hard and laborious… it’s fun and it’s relieving your pain.

I would absolutely recommend Back pain Relief4Life to anybody that has any kind of pain in their back.”


“Within a Few Weeks, It Was Gone!”

“I Was a Skeptic — It Worked For Me…”

“About a year ago, I was in the yard doing some yard work and I threw my back out. I noticed it the next day – I was on the floor, couldn’t get up, in acute pain. I went to the orthopedist, got acute medications, went through physical therapy for about a month, and was to the point where I was generally able to kind of walk and get around, but I had noticeable pain in my lower back.

I’m a PhD Pharmacist. I’ve been in academics, Research & Development most of my career. I’m just skeptical of really, kind of anything that sounds good. I’m aware – very much so – of the placebo effect and mind over matter and the ability basically to fool yourself into believing that something’s going to work for a short period of time. So I was extremely skeptical about anything just because of my background. It’s interesting. My back now is not a problem at all. I’ve always had some issues in playing basketball in my younger years with some arm [and] shoulder things and that was kind of negated because my back pain was the primary focus and I just kind of almost ignored my shoulder. But now, my shoulder is the thing we’re working on and that’s improving also.

I would recommend [Relief4Life]. I am, I guess, a skeptic by nature, but I would. I think it helped me quite a bit. I am aware of the rigor that goes in trying to evaluate things and I was pleasantly surprised with the results that I got so I would recommend it. I would say go out and give it a try. I think my skepticism led me to believe that there really wasn’t anything that I could do to improve this [pain] and I would have to live with this issue forever and I just wasn’t really comfortable trying anything because I’m used to seeing a lot of hype with medications therapies, the type of things that are out there in the media and being marketed. My skepticism, I kind of over-think – I wanted to try something and was really surprised. So I would encourage people, if they are skeptics (I know there are) to at least go out there and give it a try. That’s, I think, the best advice I can give them. I was a skeptic – It worked for me. So go out there and try it.”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I could barely move. I stayed in bed a lot… I’d go from the bed… to the chair to the car… drive around and then back to the chair, back to the bed. I just didn’t have that much mobility. In my lower back, on my left side, I had a really sharp pain and a tightness. I had severe back pain for 2 days – unusual back pain – and I came in and one session and my back pain was gone. I’ve had back pain for… ever, but that particular day, it was a different kind of pain.

After the session, I had no pain. And I still have no pain. If you’re skeptical about getting relief for your back pain, then I would definitely recommend this program. Just try it. That’s what I did. And now, I don’t have the pain.”


“I Came In And One Session And My Back Pain Was Gone… And I Still Have No Pain.”

“I Have No Pain! No Pain.”

“After just one session with Back Pain Relief4Life, I felt better than I did with 2 months of physical therapy that I went through for my back. This is my 3rd session and I have no pain! No Pain. It’s so nice to be able to put my pants on in the morning and not have to catch my leg and help … myself get dressed.

I would recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody that has any type of lower back pain or anything like that. Yes, most definitely.”

“My life before Back Pain Relief4Life...constantly going home at the end of the day from work with lower back pain, my profession being a dentist bending over patients all day long created a constant soreness in the evenings where I was taking some Advil every-night before bed... But since I started the program 6 weeks ago, strengthening my lower back... I am able to eliminate 90% of the soreness and as I continue the program... I look forward to not having this lower back pain anymore so I can go to work and do my job more efficiently and come home with no issues and I can do other activities after work... I have more energy throughout the day and I am a little more active, I play tennis and it has helped in the tennis game as well as golf... I definitely recommend this program... because it will reap long-term benefits... It becomes addictive and you look forward to it every time... getting better results each time. It is definitely a program I highly recommend, I plan on sticking with it for the rest of my life.”

Dr. Kyle Farnsworth

“I Am Able to Eliminate 90% of the Soreness...”

“I Don't Have To Take Ibuprofen At All And It's Just Amazing - Very Freeing Actually.”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life I had pain everyday. I had to take 800mg Ibuprofen once or twice a day just to get through the day and it was pretty severe."

What was it like after Back Pain Relief4Life?

"I have to say it's amazing! I have pain every now and then but not the - if I stretch a little bit, I don't feel it anymore, I don't have to take Ibuprofen at all and it's just amazing - very freeing actually. I was skeptical about the program Relief4Life because I honestly I've been to a doctor, a physical therapist, and that just didn't helped and so I thought "Well, this is kind of last resort because nothing else was working" so I was amazed with the results."

You said before that you were kind of in shock that it worked, is it?

"Absolutely in shock that it worked. I really didn't think exercise, and stretching, and strengthening was going to be answer to solving my back problem. If someone is skeptical about it, I would tell them that you just have to give it a shot. I really thought I had nothing to lose cause I made it start exercising anyway, but I really thought "Ah well, yeah...I'll give it a shot and see" and after 3 weeks time I started to really notice the effect and at the end of the four weeks from my period 3x a week, it was significantly improved. I was feeling so much better."

Would you recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody who's suffering from back pain?

"I would, I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anybody who's having issues because when your back hurts, it kind of ruins everything for you and you feel old and crippled and who wants to feel like that?” 

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I couldn’t lie down on my back for about 5 years comfortably... especially when I was pregnant – that was really really miserable. So it’s been about 5 years and now after Back Pain Relief4Life I’ve even tried going intentionally lying on my back and it’s much more comfortable. Back Pain Relief4Life has made a really big difference. It’s just been 10 days and 4 sessions and so I’m really impressed. I was, you know, kind of skeptical at first. How could something make that big of a difference? But I actually noticed that even after the very first session, sleeping that night, and going home and just walking around, I felt much looser and I didn’t have to get up and night and walk around at night and try to adjust. So I really could tell the difference, even after that first session; and more and more since then.

The worst position for me was actually lying flat on my back and I never could understand that because I felt like that should be the most comfortable, cause I felt like it would be taking pressure off my back. And it was actually the opposite – I was in a lot of pain. And so now, after I think session 2, when I came back, I didn’t even think about it and I was laying on my back. In the first session, I was really uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to doing that and I avoid doing that all the time, and today, after the 4th session, it’s gotten a lot better.

Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I had almost daily back pain, ranging from mild to moderate and if I would sit for a long time, in a car or at work, it would hurt more and sometimes sleeping at night. If I would wake up and I slept in the same position, I’d have a hard time walking – it would be painful to walk for the first part of the day. Twisting movements tended to be a problem. I just felt like I didn’t have a lot of back strength and a lot of core muscle and I felt like there was a lot of muscle ‘spasming’, trying to compensate for problems with my back. And I really didn’t know what to do about it other than trying to do a few exercises on my own.

I think mostly because I did physical therapy with a chiropractor immediately after... and first of all, I felt like what I was doing with him was something that I could do at home easily. It looked like Pilates moves. That’s when I got Pilates tapes to do at home and I did that... It helped some, but it wasn’t like "Oh wow! This makes a big difference" kind of thing. Whereas this, honestly, after a couple of times, and talking through it, I feel like it’s more scientific than the stretches and moves that I was trying to do on my own... and I like to think of things more in from a scientific perspective – like what you’re body’s doing.

I would definitely recommend Back Pain Relief4Life. It’s made a big difference and I’ve recommended it to several people already. I’m a believer, so I recommended it.”


“I’m a Believer, So I Recommend It...”

“...Within 2 Weeks After Coming To Relief4Life, I Experienced Zero Back Pain and I Feel Strong”

“Before Relief4Life, I had experienced 3 major back injuries and I lived with back pain, medical injections, different things, chiropractic and lived with upper and lower back pain for years. Heavy carpentry and labor type intensive of work and within 2 weeks after coming to Relief4Life, I experienced zero back pain and I feel strong, I've lost a considerable amount of weight and I just feel better about life in general, I have more energy and I am ready to meet the day and I thank the people here at Relief4Life for that.

I guess I was most skeptical or maybe leery of the pain process of training, I've tried different training regimens and it just created a lot of discomfort during the day and afterwards - the morning after effects - but the people here really care about your welfare and your well-being and so all my fears have been relieved.

If you enjoy your pain, then don't come. If you wanted to be relieved, I would give Relief4Life as

a viable option. Yes! I would absolutely recommend this to anybody. Well it's like anything you got to try to believe it.”

“Hi I’m Christy Levitt. My life before Back Pain Relief4Life was filled with episodes where I would do something strenuous and injure my lower back. I have 2 little children and in chasing them and keeping up with them, I forget that I have to lift things the proper way and I bend over and throw out my lower back. And it takes me out of commission for a couple of days and I can’t to my regular routines.

After a session with Back Pain Relief4Life, I felt immediate relief of the tension that I had in my back... the cramping... the walking with my rear end sticking out... instantly, I felt relief from all of that. The stretching, learning how to move my legs, really just made a great difference. When I stood up from doing the exercises, I felt lighter on my feet... more relaxed – it was an amazing program. After the second session, I felt like I was even better at doing the movements and it was something that I could continue to do. This worked way better for me than the time when I saw a chiropractor and just felt like I didn’t really get anything out of that.

Other times in my life I’d try to go and have massages when my back felt sore and a massage feels great but it didn’t really get to the root of the back issues. And doing the Back Pain Relief4Life Program really helped me target on the areas in my lower back that really needed to be stretched and increase the range of mobility and things. So I’m very happy with this program and I want to continue to do it and I think it’s going to be really successful in getting rid of the back pain I’ve had.

I would absolutely recommend Back Pain Relief4Life for everyone. For anyone that has back pain issues, it’s great. And I think anyone can do it.”


“I Felt Immediate Relief...”

“After 2 Sessions... It Just Doesn't Hurt At All”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life I had pretty much constant lower back pain. There was a lot of discomfort; it hurt to bend over and what not; but after 2 sessions in the Back Pain Relief4Life program, my back completely feels 100% better. After the 1st session it was 60% better and after the 2nd session, it just doesn’t hurt at all. I’m absolutely amazed. After 2 sessions with Back Pain Relief4Life, I feel like 100% better. I was kind of grumpy because it hurt to move around, and now I just have complete mobility and it doesn’t hurt to bend over, and I don’t have to always shift. It hurt really bad when I was driving, so it really kind of completely freed me from the pain that I’d been feeling before. So that’s completely amazing.

I was amazed at the way that it worked. I was a little skeptical - yeah, that it would be able to just fix it and it just seems to have absolutely fixed it. I was absolutely amazed... yeah. I’m a believer now.

Absolutely. I’d recommend Back Pain Relief4Life. Definitely. Because I’m so surprised that after 2 sessions I made a complete, complete recovery. I absolutely would recommend it to anyone who would listen.”

"Before Back Pain Relief4Life, my back pain was really all over. I had pain in the lower portions of my back, sometimes it actually felt like someone was actually grabbing and squeezing that lower portion, but I also had problems up towards the top where my shoulder blades are. So it was pretty chronic throughout from a long time of not using it as well as I should have.

Pretty much right before I started the program, my back pain had gotten to the point where after just about an hour of sitting down, it was very uncomfortable. A lot of the work that I do is sitting down in a chair or traveling on planes so unfortunate for me, the work that I needed to get done got to be very difficult because I was concentrating on the work, but at the same time I was having these sharp pains every once in a while and it made it too difficult to work some days.

I’d never heard of the [Relief4Life] program so it’s stepping out onto new territory for me. I had not done training since back in my high school days. So getting back into a regimented training program, but at the same time I didn’t know how it would work with my schedule being a working person who’s not always around, but the portability of the program was something that was really important to me and helped sell me on trying it.

Since I’ve been doing the program, my back pain has gotten a lot better. I do at times, when I have a long period of time sitting down. It’s not 100% gone away, but where it used to take only a short period of time sitting down before the pain started, now, I really have to be pretty much sedentary for almost the whole day before it starts acting up. I know I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’ve only been in the program for just a little bit of time. But I’m already seeing a lot of progress – small things like being able to touch my toes, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time, increasing that flexibility has really helped me to see the benefits of the Back Pain [Relief4Life] program.

I strongly recommend the Back Pain [Relief4Life] program for people to use, especially people like myself. Just being in my mid-30s I shouldn’t be having back pain, or I don’t feel I should be having the back pain I was. However, my lifestyle – my working lifestyle, really contributed a lot. So this was a good place, or a good way to balance my work life while also trying to strengthen my core, so then my back won’t hurt as much and it makes my life a lot easier."


"My Back Pain Has Gotten A Lot Better..."

"I Am Able To Do the Activities That I Had to Give Up..."

"My back pain is virtually gone allowing me to do my everyday activities including tennis, walking, fishing, and just about everything I used to do before I had back problems.

I was out fishing on Broad River and found that I was able to stand for three to four hours fishing off the back of the boat without having any severe back pain.

I am able to do the activities that I had to give up. I was unable to stand without back pain for more than about 20 minutes. Now I can stand for hours without it bothering me. My sleep is dramatically improved. My level of fitness has improved. My energy has improved. I just generally feel better than I have in years and years. Absolutely. I would recommend this program to anyone of any age, of any fitness level."


"I was fearful that I might injure myself. And, you know be incapacitated to a point where I can’t even do my desk job. And I was nervous about that after so many years of relative inactivity. I’ve been doing this, not even a month yet, three times a week. And I would say the improvement in my flexibility and my back has been 90

percent. Instead of getting up every morning out of bed being stiff and sore and inflexible for a half hour or so. I barely notice it when I get up. Give it a try; it certainly beats some for the alternatives, for the people taking surgery or other alternatives."


"The Improvement In...
My Back Has Been 90%..."

"It Just Feels Better Than It’s Been Since I Was 20 Years Old..."

"I’ve had a weakness in my lower back for about 40 years really, and during that time I tried chiropractic, massage and physical therapy.

Nothing really made the problem manageable. It’s always been something in the back of my mind that I have to be careful not to injure my back. After every session, I could feel my back getting better. And now, it just feels better than it’s been since I was 20 years old which to me is really amazing, so I’m really, really grateful. I’ve been using this program for the last 8 weeks and my back feels better than it has since I was 20. I would highly recommend that no matter what age you are if you have a problem with your lower back, try this program."


"I had back pain for 20 years. I tried lots of different things and nothing seemed to work. My back feels great and I don’t feel it at all. I feel stronger and I feel better, no pain. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone: young people, middle-aged people, old people. It works and works for everybody. It’s easy, it’s fun and obviously a lot results."

David L.

"I Feel Stronger And I Feel Better, No Pain"

"I Don’t Have Back Pains After Working Out In the Yard All Day..."

"Specifically...after a while of riding in a car I had back and neck problems. And lifting weights and doing yard work my back would always hurt tremendously after doing all that. But since this program, I think it's straightened my posture and lifting properly has helped me quite a bit. I don’t have back pains after working out in the yard all day or doing other exercises and that kind of thing."

"I was able to reach my toes for the first time in my life and the soreness in my back went away completely. And I would definitely recommend that type of training to anyone who’s experiencing soreness or discomfort or like any inflexibility in their back."


"I Was Able to Reach My Toes For the First Time In My Life..."

"I Only Did One Treatment And The Pain Went Away"

"Ever since high school I’ve had back pain. I mean, that was kind of like a staple in my high school, college, and even after college I’ve always had back pain. I’ve pretty much had it for my whole, entire life… that was pretty much the extent of it. And I also messed up my back when I was dead lifting in the gym, so that further exacerbated the problem. So it just went from having a bad back to having an even worse back. I can’t get out of bed. Getting up [I’d] have to be extremely careful because… if you move the wrong way, you can actually throw something out. So when you’re getting up – I’m 31 years old and when I was getting off the couch I looked like a 70 year old man with no hips whatsoever. So it was pretty debilitating and just in terms of life in general, you’re not able to live the type of life that you want because your body is not functioning the way it should be.

I was very skeptical because who can really cure their back pain with 8 exercises? You know? … I’ve tried chiropractors, I’ve tried physiotherapists, and I’ve also tried massage therapists. I’ve tried them all at the same time and none of it has actually
even worked for me whatsoever. So yeah, I was pretty skeptical and yeah, I didn’t think that 8 exercises would actually do it.
After the 1st session I did with Ian, pretty much, my back pain went away instantly. Actually, the 1st day I was sore – the day after I received the treatment. I was sore in my back, sore a little bit in my hips. But the day afterwards, the back pain just
relieved itself and I didn’t even continue doing the exercises afterwards. I just continued on, working out, living life. But it was just right afterwards, the very first day; I only did one treatment and the pain went away and I was able to wake up pain free, I was able to work out to the best of my ability, I’m able to do dead lifts again, and I’m just able to live life in general."
QUESTION: Would you recommend this program?
"Oh yeah, definitely! We were actually talking about it with a bunch of fitness experts down in Paris the other day and Ian had about 5 testimonials from people who were actually the best in the fitness industry. So pretty much everybody actually stepped
up and talked about [the] product. We all gave testimonials at the table, we all told everybody and everybody right now at the Mastermind that they have to try this product out. So I’m going to tell my clients about this and I hope Ian comes out with
this soon because I need to bring this to their attention."

Dan G.

"Hey! What's going on? Travis Stoetzel here - and just doing a really quick testimonial video here for my buddy, Ian Hart, who is a fellow strength and conditioning coach like myself and I'd just wanted to really talk about his program and tell everybody out there that might be watching this video right now about how it has helped me and help take away my back pain so I can continue to train pain free, and live pain free most importantly and I just wanted to give a lot of credit to Ian and his program. You know, when I first found out about it, I found out about it at a meeting we were at Vegas with a bunch of other fitness professionals and I was hearing other guys talk about it and girls talk about it and they were all pretty respected coaches, strength coaches, fitness coaches, and they were all making this claims like "yo! I did Ian's program and just after you know I did it the first time, my back actually loosen up, and I felt good and I got rid of the pain” and so I was like "Hey Ian, man I got to try this thing!" so I got on his Back Pain Relief4Life program and I'll tell you what - when I first went through it, I just kind of watched the videos then just kind of feel what the program was about and first I was pretty skeptical I was like OK. Me being a strength coach and knowing different things about you know how to improve or you know improve injuries and or recover from injuries and things like that. At first, I really didn't know if it was going to work and so I kind of put it off for a while, I didn't do it... For me my lower back just gets really tight, I have some lower back pain every now and then because I train pretty seriously, I'm doing a lot of different strongman training. I train with kettlebells, sandbags, Olympic lifting, a lot of power lifting and so I'm moving heavy weight around a lot, beating my body up pretty good and you know my back just gets tight a lot and I wake up in the mornings with some pretty bad lower back pain every now and then. And then the final straw was I was deadlifting one day and something just popped in my lower back. I didn't know what it was. I went to the Chiropractor he kind of check it out. I had some pretty bad information going on in my lower back. I didn't want to keep going back to the Chiropractor, that was just the type of person I am I'm trying to cure it on my own and honestly you know I was like "this is the perfect time where I can whip out Ian's program and give it a shot and really go through it and see if it works. So I popped it in, I went through the whole program and I'll tell you what, it is honestly the best lower back pain program I've ever gone through. My lower back, the tightness was gone, the next day the pain was pretty much gone, and anytime I kind of feel my back get tighten again, I'll whip out Ian's program and I'll go right through it. And what was cool about it is there's just eight movements that you have to do and I mean anybody can pretty much do this, any level - advanced, beginner - if you got lower back pain I would definitely recommend for this program for anybody if you're suffering... lower back issues or anything like that definitely helped me. So I'd just wanted to say Ian, Thanks for creating such an awesome program. I've definitely recommended this to my clients that have lower back issues, my athletes that have lower back issues, I've definitely recommended it to them and I know that they've been seeing the results off of it as well.

So Ian, I wanted to thank you man. Keep doing what you're doing, I appreciate the program that you created and for anybody who's watching this right now, if you're the same situation as I was in with lower back pain, and what not I would definitely recommend Ian's program and giving it a shot! I think you'll definitely benefit from the results you will see. So thanks again Ian! Take care. I’m Travis Stoetzel, Live aggressive and get strong."

Travis S.

"It Is Honestly The Best Lower Back Pain Program I've Ever Gone Through..."

"I Have Absolutely No Pain Whatsoever In My Back..."

"I’ve had back pain probably… off and on for about 2 years, and it was getting worse as I progressively got older. Prior to taking the Back Pain Relief4Life program, I’d been working out for several years, doing weight training. And what I found is that I was developing a pain in my lower back in my right hand side that just didn’t seem to go away and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Then I came to EarthFIT and learned about the program Back Pain Relief4Life. What I found out was that my muscles were actually imbalanced – that I have been overworking my chest muscles and not enough of my abs and lower body.

With Back Pain Relief4Life, I’ve been able to get back that balance and now I have absolutely no pain whatsoever in my back and my training sessions are a lot more vigorous and I’m seeing a lot better results as a result of the lack of pain that I’m having. I also have a father that’s wheelchair bound and I find that because of that technique and that stretching that I do with the Back Pain Relief4Life program, I’m much [better] able to handle getting him and transferring him from the bed to the wheelchair, and into his daily routine. So I highly recommend the Back Pain Relief4Life program. It’s very straightforward, and the results are immediate.

I highly recommend this program. In fact, I have to friends of my daughter who are as young as 30 that have had constant back pain and they’ve started the program and are seeing the results already. It’s very straightforward, and the results are immediate."

Rick O.

"My life before Back Pain Relief4Life basically was always... you just got used to living with pain and I figured it was never going to go away due to occupational issues. I’m always hunched over, leaned towards one side and always have stiffness, particularly stiffness between my shoulders and a stiff neck and also lower back pain. But... it wasn’t excruciating pain, but it definitely lowered the quality of life. The other thing (my wife would remind me all the time) is I was hunched over quite a bit. She said I walked like an old man. And I noticed that if I would be walking by a window, like a store window, and I looked in, I could see that I was hunched over like an old man. And that’s pretty irritating, even though I know I am getting older, I don’t wanna look that old... I looked about 20 years older I would say. I would try massages, chiropractic visits, and they would all give you some relief, but for the most part, it was only temporary... If I didn’t go all the time, after another week or two, the tightness between my shoulders would come back, and I’d start drooping over again. So it was temporary relief, but nothing permanent.

After Back Pain Relief4Life, the immediate benefit is my wife didn’t bug me about being hunched over like an old man because my posture really improved tremendously. I just felt like I was walking more upright, my shoulders were back, and also the tightness between my shoulders is gone and my neck pain is gone also. I just feel a lot younger. I don’t feel like I’m 80 years old, I feel like I’m 40 years old – but I am 60 years old.

I started slow and it was probably, I would say within 4 or 5 sessions that I really started feeling much better. I was getting my flexibility. Before, I had such little flexibility. I would recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody that’s having chronic issues because you don’t have to live with it. I would have just accepted it that I was gonna have to be that way for the rest of my life. Now I’ve found that there is relief and you don’t have to accept having chronic pain for the rest of your life."

Dr. Bill

"The Tightness Between My Shoulders Is Gone..."

"The First Time I Did It, My Back Felt Remarkably Better!..."

"Hey my name is Josh Carter and I am a personal trainer and what that means on any given day is that I can be lifting hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Inevitably, that leads to back pain... at least it does for me. And so, I was thrilled to try out the Back Pain Relief4Life program. Because even the first time I did it, my back felt remarkably better! And then over the course of the next few weeks, my lower back pain had all but dissipated. So if you have lower back pain, you really really owe it to yourself to try the Back Pain Relief4Life Program. I mean, why put off feeling better? You should try it right now!"

Josh C.
"I would highly recommend this to anyone who has any type of problem with their back at their age, and my age, I am 74. And if you’re having any type of pain young or old I would highly highly recommend usingBack Pain Relief4Life.

My life before Back Pain Relief4Life was very very painful and miserable. I really wanted to give up exercising altogether but I am so happy that I didn’t and went to the Back Pain Relief4Life program. My pains before was crucial and they were lower in my kidneys and very very painful. I could not even squat with that some type of pain, and I sit down to reduce the bathroom it was just really really painful before. 

I was very skeptical before Back Pain Relief4Life, but then I realized that if I would give it a try, I would almost do anything just to give it a try and I am so happy that I did. It really changed my whole attitude and life. 

Since I've used the program Back Pain Relief4Life, I have no more pain at all, only a little soreness occasionally but that is very very rare. And it just gave me the whole outlook on life and everything. I'm just thrilled that I don't have pain anymore when I use that program."

Dan L.

"It Really Changed My Whole Attitude and Life."

"After Back Pain Relief4Life, My Back Pain Has Virtually Disappeared. It's made my life much better"

"Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I had back pain for ten years. It was sporadic, it would come on at least once a month. The back pain was variable. Sometimes It would be where I could not get out of the bed. Other times it would just be sporadic pain. 

After taking the course, I don't have any pain and it took about three weeks max for the pain to go away. Now I don't suffer from any back pain. I would say do it because I was skeptical for ten 10 years and when I finally did it the pain went away. 
I highly recommend Back Pain Relief4Life to anybody who has back pain. After Back Pain Relief4Life, my back pain has virtually disappeared. It’s made my life much better and I sleep much better."

Doug C.

"Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I was experiencing a lot of difficulty in my lower back and I always had a lot of pain through my back and to my leg and I have been using the program for few months, now and I've had great results with Back Pain Relief4Life. I've had lower back pain on and off for years, I have been to doctors and then on to physical therapists for different back pain ailments, and I have also gone to chiropractors for this lower back pain over the past few years. And when I started using the Back Pain Relief4Life and sticking with that program, it seems to help me alleviate many of the lower back pain problems that I have. 

I was skeptical about using Back Pain Relief4Life because I have heard many different programs that have promised lower back relief pain. 

I would recommend Back Pain Relief4Life. It has helped me, it's a great program and if you do it weekly and you stick with the program, it will help relieve your lower back pain. "

Terri P.

"I've Had Great Results With Back Pain Relief4Life"

"I Could Hardly Walk... About An Hour Later I Was Walking And Moving And Jumping... So It Was Very Effective"

"I had an injury through working out I pull the muscle and then about week later I pulled it again really made a severe muscle spasm injury. I could not move. I literally was stuck on the floor for about an hour and fifteen minutes. So I could hardly walk and we called and canceled my workout session and Bojan said “come in. Let's run through Back Pain Relief4Life stretching program”. I came in and when I walked in, I had to have my wife help me walk, and through the program we were able to leave in about an hour later... I was walking and moving and jumping and so it was very effective. I would not say I was a hundred percent pain free but I could move at that point. It took few days for muscle spasm to go down, the inflammation go down and it definitely helped. Last time, I felt that I was definitely heading for surgery, so much so that I even scheduled and had completed an MRI. So I was certain that surgery was going to be in my near future. It was the worst pain I had since my injury about 7 years ago. The MRI showed we had no slippage of the disc; it was simply muscle spasm. So through the program I’ve been able to stretch, it helped relax everything and like I said, in about an hour I was able to move, wheres walking in the door I couldn’t. So it was much relief, much appreciated.
I was able to work the next day and about 2 days later I felt a 100% back to normal - 95% back to normal. Well I'm still doing the exercise program and trying to keep fluid, it’s something always have to maintain from the standpoint that I’m always susceptible to re-injury. That, in conjunction with being better physically fit, especially through my core section. I think it's really making a difference. Definitely I can feel better movement and more stability when I move and when I work lean over all day long. It's not as painful at the end of the day. I do not have the fatigue and the stress and tension that I normally have. I would recommend Back Pain Relief4Life for people who have had back problems. It's a good program that if you work it and if you use what they say, I think the chances of injuring, re-injuring your back doing the program are very very minimal. I think that the results are excellent from the standpoint that it really helps tighten the core and gets everything moving and it gets blood flow to the area and it helps heal a lot of what’s being injured with scar tissue."

Tristan G.
"Before this program, I could hardly walk in a straight line and I was just losing my balance and only after five times I feel like I am walking better than I did for the last 20 years. For five sessions, I could walk better and I was amazed! I never dreamed that I could walk this well.

I have more energy, I can walk better than I have in 20 years, I can just do everyday activities just easier than I did before. I had a problem with my knees because I had two knee replacements and I've had years of really bad arthritis on my knees and even after the surgery, it took me a long time to recover. And I never had great balance and then when I walk, I was tired and my knees would hurt. And then after I did the five sessions would just like a complete change. I could walk so much better. I would say everybody in world should do it, I mean it was just fantastic! It really changed my life."

Nancy B.

"...Everybody In World Should Do It, I Mean It Was Just Fantastic!"

"...Then I Realized That The Nagging Pain Was Gone. It's Pretty Great!"

"My life before Back Pain Relief4Life was I had this hip problem and it was a long standing thing and it had been annoying, nothing acute, but it was just something that was just always nagging and so I came and I did the exercises and literally within I would say 5-6 sessions, I already felt better and I noticed that I was standing more evenly and I exercised quite a bit so it just makes my life more comfortable and the fact that they were easy and it was like funny kind of exercises that you would not expect you'd get such a dramatic result from.

I think I actually had pain probably for almost a year, but I tuned it out. I just kind of got used to it, or I’d shift my weight to one side to avoid it... I do boot camp class where I would kind of avoid, and kind of modify your movement subtly and then you forget that you're doing it. And then I came in and I realized that it just need to address that problem because it was affecting everything, it was getting more strong on one side and weaker on the other side and it was not going to stop.
The first class that I did I just thought well this does not seem like a whole a lot, I mean it does not seem like I am doing anything differently. But I realized that I did not have much range of motion before, I was really tight on one side and I really had some strength imbalances. It just made be more aware so that throughout my day I just kind of became more aware of how I’m holding my body and just more aware of it and it definitely this past weekend I felt like I did not have pain anymore and I actually forgot that I was hurting and then I realized that the nagging pain was gone. It's pretty great!
I noticed that when I am in the car - you know just little things, bending over to get something that you know you would have maybe had little twinge before is gone and it just makes you a nicer person I think when you're don’t have chronic pain and you just live with it and forget that you're hurting and it definitely makes you feel happier that is for sure. I think anybody who even just I think going through the motions that just being aware of where your tight, it just makes you more conscious of your body even if you work out all the time it is like - I do work out 5 or 6 times a week and I made the imbalance more and more every time because I wasn’t addressing the problem and so I just kind of stopped everything and did this for a couple of weeks and already I feel a lot better. But I would recommend it and I think it could help a lot of people. I mean how many people sit at desks or sit in the car a lot of the time and it's just like a chronic thing and if you don't address it then you’re going to get older and it's just going to get more and more, it's not going to disappear."

"Before Relief 4Life my back pain was actually my leg going to sleep and I couldn't walk for very long without having to sit down or stand. I've got a cracked split vertebra down here in the lumbar area so the pain was really in my leg more than my back. After doing the Relief 4Life program, I can stay on my feet as long as I want to, walk as far as I want to (?) so I don't have any trouble anymore with my leg going to sleep. I was skeptical about Relief 4Life before I started that it would hurt my back to do it. For those who are skeptical to do Relief 4Life, I took the DVD home, the exercises are really easy to do, don't take long and it's really helped my back. Thats all I can say, cause now I can do everything I want to."

Susan H.

"I Took The DVD Home, The Exercises Are Really Easy To Do, Don't Take Long And It's Really Helped My Back"

"Even My Chiro Was Surprised By These Exercises And The Results They've Produced."

"I've only been using the program for just over one week now but I've been amazed at much better my back feels. Over the past few years, I've suffered from a nagging lower back muscular imbalance which has caused an irritating amount discomfort. And I still can't believe that after using these 8 exercises for just one week my back feels like a million bucks. Even my chiro was surprised by these exercises and the results they've produced. All I can say is that they've worked for me - big time!"

Yuri Elkaim
"Went to the chiropractor, physical therapy and they would help but not much. So what they did coming here was really a relief. My pains are virtually eliminated. So I'm kinda happy about that. I get to stretch my muscles and stuff like that. It's just making me feel better and happier. My back pain after Relief 4Life is nothing, nothing, all gone. The improvement is really quick, through just two or three weeks of treatment here and everything is getting back in order."


"It's Just Making Me Feel Better And Happier. My Back Pain... All Gone."

"...It Just Worked Automatically And, I Got Relief Immediately."

"Before Relief4Life my back pain was pretty severe. I injured myself playing tennis and I was not able to move the way I wanted to play to my best ability. After [Back Pain] Relief4Life, my back pain is gone - I did it one time and I got considerably better after the first time. And after the second time it was completely gone.

Before Relief4Life I tried Yoga and other stretching methods and a lot of medications and just nothing else really helped it. I'd definitely recommend [Back Pain] Relief4Life for anyone else suffering because it just worked automatically and, I got relief immediately. I'd tell them to try because they really don't have anything to lose because all the other methods out there just don't work as well and they are only temporary but this will last you for life.
… I'm a Senior at Beaufort High School and I play tennis."

High School Athlete
"Before Relief4Life I had severe pains running up and down my right on my right leg and nothing seemed to help. My pain before was continuous, shooting pains down my right side and my back and it prevented me from walking normally and doing many things that I am used to doing.

From Relief4Life I end pain is less than I was before and I feel like I could get it under control. I can walk free of pain.

I really wasn't skeptical because I tried many things from chiropractors to other programs and nothing seemed to help so I was willing to try anything. I certainly would recommend this program for anyone who has back pain."


"I Can Walk Free Of Pain."

"30 Years Of Back Pain Gone In 4 Sessions With Relief4Life"

"Before Relief4Life, I had back pain for almost 30 years, it took me about 10 minutes to wake up in the morning and it took my back an additional 15 minutes to wake up, I felt like an old woman, it took me a lot of time to get warmed up in the morning, it took time away from my schedule, it made me late from work a lot of times, but essentially the pain was there as soon as I got up in the morning.

When I was a teenager, my back just did started hurting, I attributed it to a larger breast and I even thought about having a reduction surgery at one point and I came in here and I tried the Relief4Life program and it absolutely changed my entire way of thinking, it helped me in ways that I had could not imagine. It never occurred to me that just a few exercises or a combination of exercises could actually relieve the kind of pain that I had. I tried chiropractic care for a long time, there's results they were good at the time but then later on they just got worse and worse, I actually had a consultation with the doctor about surgery and just really maybe laying on the floor doing some yoga but that was about it, and nothing really helped.

I would say why would you want to live with pain when you can come in here doing this program and be essentially pain-free. I would recommend Relief4Life to anyone with back pain."

"My life before Relief4Life was pain; I was in a lot of pain. I'm a horseback rider that I ride almost everyday and the constant pressure of the pounding at the saddle gave me back pain all the time. So for 20 years I've been riding horses, I've had this constant pain. I've gone to Chiropractors, some of helped a little bit but it wasn't until I came to Relief4Life and to EarthFIT that I really got really good relief. I've only been here 3 weeks and I can say in 3 weeks I feel really good.

I was skeptical about the Relief4Life program because I've tried so many things and I've been to different exercise clubs, but this program as fast as it was has relieved my pain. Relief4Life offers exercises that if done sequentially, will give you the relief that you want and it's not a come on, it's the truth.

With the stretching in the Relief4Life [program], it has helped my back, it has strengthen my core which I know that I've needed, and it gives me daily relief. Just getting out of the car, out of the bed, sitting at my computer, standing - I stand a lot because I'm an artist and I stand a lot. All these things gave me back issues, but I have relief now because of the Relief4Life program.

I've been doing it for 3 weeks and my back feels great. I would recommend Relief4Life for everyone, someone recommended it to me I was a little skeptical at first because I didn't think that you could really have relief for life, but having done the program, I do believe in it - I really do believe in it - and I've already recommended it to a couple of friends, but I would recommend it to anybody... any age."


“Relief4Life Offers Exercises That If Done Sequentially, Will Give You The Relief That You Want And It's Not A Come On, It's The Truth… I've Been Doing It For 3 Weeks And My Back Feels Great.”

“It Truly Is Changing My Life...”

"Before I started doing Back Pain Relief4Life, I could not bend over and pick anything up off the floor; I could not even stoop down and pick anything up off the floor without severe pain. I've been to all kinds of doctors and physical therapy and nothing had worked - I’d almost given up. I’ve always been very active and I came here and I trusted these guys and I started doing the Back Pain Relief4Life video and in just... I felt relief honestly in 4 weeks or 2 weeks but now it's been 6 or 7 weeks and it's been a transformation. I felt like completely a different person.

I am not the type of person who can fib about something. I am a very trusting person and so I could not stand here and say this if I wasn't being 100% honest with you. It truly is changing my life. We travelled yesterday, last couple days to Jacksonville and there is a program that you can download on iPad or iPhone that you can do this program while you travel and it's the first time I've done that since I started doing it in a hotel room and after I finished, I felt as always a hundred percent better and I even wanted to email EarthFIT office and tell them that I did my homework and how much better I felt and I felt better about myself.

I would recommend it 100% - just trust and try it. When I first tried it with one of the trainers here I was afraid and I told him I was afraid and because of the stretching I always been told that I shouldn't be bending that way that it would hurt my back so I had to trust somebody that knew more than I did. And I trusted him and I'm continuing to trust them and what I got from that was relief by trusting them and continuing to do what they're asking me to do."

Mary K
“My life before Relief4Life was very painful, my lower back was always killing me. I've had it for about 10 years plus. If I sat down for a long time I couldn't get up, it was just very painful and no one, I mean I went to different doctors they couldn't figure out what it was, they would give me steroids; I've done a chiropractor; and I've had an MRI and everybody says my spine is fine but I still had the pain... and I've done an injection and that didn't really help me so I didn't do it. So my doctor that I visited she recommended this. She said [it’s] really good back relief so I went okay I'll try it. I looked it up online, I like what it said but I was still skeptical you know, people messing with your back, you sort of you know... so I asked one of my classmates who went through the program, Susan, and she highly recommended it for me. So I'm here and I feel better!

My life after Relief4Life now after 2 sessions, is very awesome! I can get up out of the bed without straining, and without being in bent over for 10 minutes. It's like I really enjoy it. I feel like I'm learning a lot and know how to actually sit and lay down and do exercises properly than just you know popping down and doing them so I'm very grateful, I'm glad I actually started this.

Yes I would definitely recommend Relief4Life to anyone that have back problems especially since what I went to 10 years plus, it improved my life and my back tremendously."


“My Life After Relief4Life Now After 2 Sessions, Is Very Awesome!... It Improved My Life And My Back Tremendously”

“I Came In For One Session, Worked And Did All The Exercises And Now I Feel No Pain.”

“Before Relief4Life, I had a lot of back pain. I had a cyst in my back and I had to go see my back doctor who drained the cyst and did an injection to block the pain, but it didn't blocked it all the way, it still lingered and so I was trying to figure out how I was going to live with the pain and I came to Relief4Life.

After Relief4Life, I came in for one session, worked and did all the exercises, worked through the program and now I feel no pain. If you’re skeptical about Relief4Life, I would say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing it, it’s much better than going to doctors and having injections and so forth. So it ought to be something to at least try and see if it doesn't help because it helped me.

I would recommend Relief4Life to anyone because it makes you feel limber, and relaxed and loose."

“Before Relief4Life, I had trouble standing to cook for any length of time, I could not walk more than a short distance without my back hurting and it just seemed like any type of bending, it made my back hurt worse. I've really only been doing it for a month and now I've walked 2 miles without any back pain, I can bend over and do household tasks without back pain and my golf has actually improved considerably.

After Relief4Life my golf swing is much easier, I can get more accuracy and more distance and I don't tire as much on the golf course. I was afraid that it was just going to make my back hurt worse and it certainly hasn’t; it’s made it feel much better.

I’d definitely recommend anyone to try this program because it certainly helped me. I would say to anyone that is skeptical, give it a try. You certainly don't have anything to lose, and it's made a big difference with mine and then it seems like it's made a big difference for a lot of people, so I would recommend it."


"My Golf Has Improved Considerably... My Swing Is Much Easier, I Can Get More Accuracy And More Distance..."

"I Can Stretch Further Than I've Ever Been Able To. Relief4Life Has Worked Wonders"

"Before Relief4Life, I had pretty much constant pain on my hip and by back everyday and it limited a lot of the movements that I could do. I've been in pain for probably the last 20 years.

I was skeptical about Relief4Life because I was not sure that I could do the program. I did not know if it would help me or if it would hurt me and I was just a little nervous about Relief4Life.

Absolutely yes I would recommend Relief4Life for anyone who is having back issues. If you have any concerns, you should come in and talk to them and they will just relieve any concerns you have about the Relief4Life program.

Today's my last day with the program Relief4Life and it's been wonderful. I feel great. I just finished working out and it’s been a relief on my back. I can stretch further than I've ever been able to. Relief4Life has worked wonders."

“My life before Relief4Life is very limited. I had limited mobility, the movements that I could do were limited to being very careful of how I sat up in bed, almost not being able to roll over at all in bed, and at one point, I couldn't roll over in bed. I ended up having to sleep on one side only, and then when I did get up very carefully, get up, but I know that I was terrified and that was making my life even worse. I couldn't move anymore. I love to ride a bike; I couldn't ride a bike anymore for fear that just a jolting movement on my spine was going to cause a problem. Riding in a car for any length of time was difficult, because I couldn't sit in one position very long. Basic everyday things that you go through... you know, in life.

I was skeptical about doing the program that I would make my back worse. Very very...not optimistic, let's put there pessimistic as far as the results would be... and it turned out I was completely wrong. Absolutely, completely wrong. It had exact opposite effect. I actually after week and a half can move and without fear.

My life now actually is... after starting the program, it has been a week and a half, almost 2 weeks has made an incredible difference. I'm not afraid to get out of the bed anymore. I can get out of bed, I don't have any pain getting out of bed, I get up in the morning and I don't feel tight, I don't feel like my back is gonna go out on me and I just recently decided I can start riding my bike again.

Absolutely 100% wholeheartedly I would recommend this program to someone who is a similar situation.”


"Absolutely 100% Wholeheartedly I Would Recommend This Program"

"...After A Week I Felt Noticeably Different, Better. "

"Before Relief4Life, my back pain was very questionable. I would get sporadic injuries to my lower spine and it would take at least a week and a lot of ibuprofen and Tylenol for it to clear up. This last time, about a month ago, it took almost two weeks for it to come back to a place where I was not in a lot of pain.
After Relief4Life, I'd say after the first week, there was a noticeable difference. There was, I felt my back was stronger, the exercises were core focus. So, which is where my biggest weakness is. So that really worked my core and I could feel the muscles in my back also strengthen. So it was very interesting that after a week I felt noticeably different, better. Prior to this, I used to do yoga and I still like it. And when I first started doing it five years ago, I really got a lot of benefit out of it, but it just seemed after the last year or so, I wasn't getting the relief. I wasn't getting the strengthening that I was looking for. It wasn't giving me a core focus that this program [Back Pain Relief4Life] really gives you. I mean, it really works your core, which I think the duel makes a huge difference on how your back feels.

Would I recommend really for life? Yes, I would. I think if you're dedicated and you're, you really are at a point where you have to do something, you have to try it. You have to give it a shot because I think after there's eight sessions and after like the fifth session, I really noticed the difference. And I've been doing it like every other day since then. And it, I feel so much better after I do the workout, especially at the end of the day after working, standing, sitting at my desk, I do the workout and I feel just so much better my back and overall I just feel better. So I would definitely recommend Relief4Life, I would tell that person if they were still skeptical, give it a try. You have nothing to lose you, you know? there is a cost to it, but I think if you get out of it what you put into it. So if you put a hundred and plus percent into the workout, you're going to feel the results. If you're not going to do it, you know, you really have to go in with an open mind and think this is like your, you're at a point where I've got nothing to lose. I've got to try this. If you're still skeptical, give it a shot. It's, you know, you'll be surprised after a couple of sessions where like, how much better you'll feel."


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