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“…Yeah, I Was Skeptical Until I Tried It. I Came In Hobbling And Left Walking.”

“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I had prior back surgery about eight years ago, and I had a lot of tightness and immobility in my lower back and I had a weak core section and a lot of pain. I had an episode where a muscle spasm had basically put me into an immobile position where I could not move. I was completely immobile so I was completely shut down.

Being a medical professional I was skeptical from a standpoint that you might cause more damage, more trauma; but yeah, I was skeptical until I tried it. I came in hobbling and left walking. Regardless of what the person’s back situation is there’s no severe movements, there’s nothing that will I think cause further pain. So I believe once I’ve been on the program that I’ve gain more mobility and I’ve gain sort of a stronger mid-section and core. I’m able to move with more confidence and less discomfort.”

Dr. T. Greenwalt
“Before Back Pain Relief4Life, I had back pain constantly. I had back surgery five years ago. I blew out a disc. The pain really, of course, was much better after surgery, but always had a nagging pain. I started coming to EarthFIT, loved it, helped the back pain, but I also tried the Back Pain Relief4Life program which was amazing and I felt immediate relief.

I did the Back Pain Relief4Life twice and after the second time that I did it – and it takes maybe 20-25 minutes – I could tell a big difference. I mean, when I came in here I had a prescription of steroids waiting to be picked up at the pharmacy and I did Back Pain Relief4Life twice and never picked the prescription up.

If you’ve got back pain, if you’re skeptical about the program, you have to try it. It is worth far more than it costs. The money is minimal, but the relief is amazing! It is an amazing program. I can’t believe what a difference it has made. I would highly recommend this program to anybody who has chronic back pain, anybody who doesn’t have back pain. It is a good stretching program and it just makes the world a difference, so I encourage anyone try it.”

Jonolyn F.

“…I Had A Prescription Of Steroids Waiting To Be Picked Up At The Pharmacy and I did Back Pain Relief4Life Twice And Never Picked The Prescription Up.”

“I Can Tell You That I’m 95% to 100% Pain Free!”

“Relief4Life, for me, was amazing, because I never thought that I would be able to get rid of the pain in my back, or my neck. My pain was intolerable to the point that I had tried physical therapy, I went through pain management, I went through a series of epidurals in my back, I had trigger shot points, cortisone shots, everything (up to and including surgery) and until Relief4Life, I had not felt this good.

I was skeptical doing Relief4Life because I really had tried everything else and I really didn’t think that in a short period of time I would be able to be flexible and feel no pain and now I can. I’m pain free, and it’s been great!
The days that I had pain, I would be in bed all day long, and taking vicodin, and painkillers because I couldn’t even get out of bed- the pain was so bad. And for my everyday activities, I couldn’t do anything, which led to depression and everything else. In 5 sessions, I’m able to touch my toes! I wasn’t able to touch my toes in years! So my flexibility has improved and in 5 short weeks I can tell you that I’m 95% to 100% pain free!

I would absolutely recommend Relief4Life to anyone that wants to feel better about their health. Not just be fit, but also feel better about your overall health and your flexibility…and your quality of life. It’s so much more enjoyable now.”

"Well before Back Pain Relief4Life, I was having trouble walking across the room; trouble going upstairs without pain; difficulty with my work - because I deliver babies, I'm leaning over the bed or I'm leaning over doing surgery - and I've had a couple surgeries on my back already and I just thought I was not going to be able to grow old and be able to be functional once I retired. I thought I’d work until I was 65 and that would be it. So now that I've done the program I am amazed how much better I feel and I've not been able doing that long - about 5 or 6 weeks - and I've got a tremendous amount more energy. I have days when my back bothers me but it's not bother me the same way. It gets stronger everyday and it was a type of program I was really afraid that it was... that there wasn’t a type of program that would make it better without me hurting my back and I've found that this does not. It's making stronger without surgery or drugs. Other options I've done are physical therapy, I've done an epidural injections, I had a laminectomy, I had a spinal fusion, and just with what I do day to day I think I've had continued to injure and hurt the muscles of my back. And being here, I've learned more about how to move and I'm still learning how to move so that I don't keep hurting my back and causing the pain.
I was skeptical, I looked at the website about 3 weeks and I kept thinking about it and I read the testimonials and because I was afraid that I would start the program and then I'd be hurting to the point where I wouldn't be able to work and that is the main thing I do and I love what I do and I want to keep doing it. But then once I came I realized that everybody here knows what they are doing and has trained me to be able to do what I need to do to make my back stronger instead of hurting it. So I feel very comfortable. I think the people here are very professional.

Yes I would recommend this program to anybody that has problem with their back whether they've had surgery or not, whether they have tried other things or not. This is the way to do it without enduring a lot of surgery and other drugs. I've had referred a patient here who's doing the program and I've got another person that's coming because they are watching me and seeing the difference just in a short period of time. If there's somebody out there that is skeptical about doing the program, I'd say you owe it to yourself to at least come and do the assessment, meet the folks, let them see where you are now and show you what they can do to make your back better or talk to other people that have done the testimonials that have done this because there's plenty of people out there that have seen tremendous results."

Doctor Redmond

“...Now That I've Done The Program I Am Amazed How Much Better I Feel… I've Got A Tremendous Amount More Energy.”

“My Life Now After Relief4Life Is Amazing. Now When I Get Up In The Morning When My Feet Hit The Floor, My Back Doesn't Hurt Anymore...”

“Before Relief4Life, I was in constant low back pain. Several years ago, actually 7 years ago in fact, I had gone to a doctor and had been to a chiropractor who sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who said I need a shot in my lower back. I got a shot and that time it worked fairly well. However, 6 years later the back pain reocurred. And once again I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and once again he told me that I need these shots in the L5 and L6. While after 3 shots in each one of those vertebrae, the pain was still there. At that point, I decided since Relief4Life was right down the street from my house, I'm going to stop and see what kind of program they have as it was recommended to me by a doctor friend who is one of the attendees at Relief4Life. Well, I was always skeptical about Relief4Life, not so much Relief4Life in particular but actually the exercise program, it didn't seem to me that there was any type of the exercise program that relieved this kind of pain.

My life now after Relief4Life is amazing. Now when I get up in the morning when my feet hit the floor, my back doesn't hurt anymore and there's a lot of things that I was reluctant to do before my exercises here at Relief4Life. But now I am conscious that there are certain motions that have to be taken in order to protect my back, but the back right now feels 100% better than it did 4 weeks ago.
I would recommend Relief4Life to anyone who has back pain right now and they can't get it solved through the medical profession. The exercises are not debilitating, they are hard but the results are fantastic."

“Before Relief4Life, my back pain was not... well my life was not fun. It got to the point where I became very sedentary and it was just hard to move around, do basic things getting through the day and especially getting out of the bed in the morning. It was very rough. I did physical therapy and very minimal results, that was not very successful for me. I had 2 back surgeries because I had nerve pain on the lower right side of my back and that helped to an the extent, but I still had problems.
After doing the Relief4Life program, it's much easier for me to get out of my bed in the morning. I don't have all the stiffness that I have before and I'm more mobile - I just get a lot better and I don't have as many, or hardly any aches and pains. I heard it was kind of tough and I was afraid that I'd just get from into it but I was not. Instead, it was a gradual process and I was able to work my body up to completing the entire program.

I recommended it to probably 3 people already who have back trouble and I've told them to... call you, get in here and chat with you about because it’s helped me so much."


“... It Was A Gradual Process And I Was Able To Work My Body Up To Completing The Entire Program. I Recommended It To Probably 3 People Already...”

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